By Dr. Ron Nichols, DDS
May 22, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canal  

Hearing you need a root canal to save a tooth can be frightening, even the toughest patient. However, Dr. Ron Nichols and Dr. Justin Root-CanalNichols, your dentists in Hacienda Heights, CA, want their patients to understand that root canals aren't the painful, scary procedure that many people assume. Below, our dental team dispels the myths about root canals and discusses the reasons why they are necessary.

Why root canals are nothing to fear

A couple generations ago, visiting the dentist for anything more than a cleaning could be a harrowing experience. Local anesthesia, also known as Novocaine, wasn't routinely used like it is today, so cavity fillings and other procedures were often painful and nerve-wracking. As dental technology and treatments evolved, so did the public's opinion of dentistry, but for some reason, root canals have retained that bad reputation. Your Hacienda Heights, CA, dentist wants all patients to know that a root canal is a routine procedure and the treatment area will be thoroughly numbed with an anesthetic first.

Why root canals are necessary

Most often, root canals become a necessary procedure due to advanced decay, or cavities. If the decay has progressed to a point where a filling would make the tooth too fragile, a root canal can preserve the roots of the tooth while protecting the top of it from further damage. The procedure itself, also known as endodontic therapy, removes the inner soft tissues of a tooth and replaces them with a firm rubber filling. This stabilizes the tooth from the inside out. The tooth is then topped off with a crown - a tooth shaped "cap" - to restore the appearance of the tooth and keep any further problems from developing.

Staying current on your appointments with your Hacienda Heights, CA, dentist can help prevent the need for a root canal, but if you're having related symptoms, please contact the dental office of Dr. Ron Nichols and Dr. Justin Nichols by calling (626) 723-3076 for an appointment today!