By Dr. Ron Nichols, DDS
December 13, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: tooth extraction  

A variety of dental procedures are available for restoring and strengthening damaged and decaying teeth so they do not need to be pulled tooth extractionout. For instance, root canal therapy can preserve an injured tooth with dental nerve damage that would otherwise need to be extracted. However, in some cases extraction is the best option. You might need a tooth extracted if you have overcrowding, severe tooth damage, or an impacted wisdom tooth. Dr. Ron Nichols is your Hacienda Heights family dentist for tooth extraction.

Reasons for Extraction

There are several circumstances in which it is best to extract a tooth rather than attempt to preserve it. When a permanent tooth is beyond saving, it should be pulled out. Doing so prevents infection from spreading to the surrounding teeth and gums, which ultimately saves those teeth from extraction due to infection. Your Hacienda Heights family dentist can examine your problem tooth and determine if extraction is necessary. Tooth extraction is performed in the following cases:

  • Baby teeth that have not fallen out on their own.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that have not fully erupted.
  • Extensive infection or decay.
  • Extensive trauma or damage following an injury.
  • Insufficient room due to overcrowding.

Extraction Procedure

Before extracting a tooth, your Hacienda Heights family dentist will normally take an x-ray first. The x-ray image allows the dentist to examine the tooth root to see how it is positioned and anticipate any potential problems that could occur when performing the extraction. To perform the extraction, local anesthesia and a sedative are administered to numb the area and minimize pain. Precautions are also taken to protect any bone in the area so it is not damaged during the extraction as it might be needed if a dental implant is to be installed at a later date.

There are several reasons when extraction of a tooth is necessary, such as overcrowding and impacted wisdom teeth. To find out if you need a tooth extracted, schedule an appointment with Dr. Nichols, your Hacienda Heights, CA family dentist, by calling the dental office at (626) 912-9394.